Diagnosis Result
Item Level Result Explanation/Suggestion
XCache extension Info OK. Loaded
Enabling PHP Cacher Info OK. Enabled
PHP Compile Time Error Info OK. No error happened
Busy Compiling Info OK. Idle
Enabling VAR Cacher Info OK. Enabled
Using VAR Cacher Warning No variable data cached Var Cacher won't work simply by enabling it. PHP code must call XCache APIs like xcache_set() to use it as cache backend. 3rd party web apps may come with XCache support, config it to use XCache as caching backend
Cache Size Info OK. Enough
Hash Slots Info OK. Looks good
Cache Status Info OK. Idle
Coredump Directory Info Not enabled Enable coredump to save debugging information in case when PHP crash. It can also be enabled in other module like php-fpm beside XCache
Readonly Protection Info Disabled Enable readonly_protection == --performance & ++stability. Disable readonly_protection == ++performance & --stability
XCache modules Warning coverager Acceptable. Module(s) listed are built into XCache but not for production server.
Leave it as is if you're feeling good.
Re-configure XCache with the module(s) disabled if you're strict with server security.
XCache test setting Info OK. Disabled
PHP Version Info OK. Looks good
SAPI Compatibility Info OK. Looks good